For Anon, with gratitude and blushes


Turn me on, get me hard, earn your cock shot.

I’d go doe eyed. Hold it and examine it and swallow down the fear that it’s too big and will choke me. And the thought of it choking me would make me damp. Always ask for permission to use my mouth beforehand. And swallow down the fear that you’ll refuse me.

You have permission.

The first determined lick is from the base to the tip, working up spit and using my hand and mouth together as it swells. From the way you exhale I know that this first contact with a mouth – my mouth – feels as good as it always does.

Keep going.

Eye contact is important too. I wouldn’t be cock-drunk just yet. My grey-blue eyes would still be girlish and slightly cheeky. I might leave just one hand gently stroking the shaft and dare you to force my head down, and you’d pull away, making your cock just out of reach of my mouth. Remind me of who’s in charge.

Once that’s clear I’d step back, grab your hair and push you onto me.

And I swallow, there isn’t much else I can do; your hand on the back of my head and I’m frantically remembering to breathe through my nose, fighting back the urge to give in and you remind me that this is for my own good, to relax, that I’m doing so well.
I want to deep throat so much though, or touch you more roughly, with more urgency because my greedy mind skips ahead to the moment you cover me in the load I’ve earned.
It’s definitely polite to ask if you might like my hands to wander a little, isn’t it?

I like it rough. You’ve earned my body, your hands may go where you wish.

You move your legs a little further apart, and I explore underneath, licking further and further down. I take your balls in my mouth and gently stroke your perineum with my fingertip to gauge your reaction; see if you grow thicker in my throat or shrink away

It feels good. Very good.

I can feel you filling my mouth.

I can too. Ever the gentleman, I want to ensure you’re enjoying yourself and allow you to touch your cunt if you wish.

Will I be punished if I decline? Your pleasure is my focus.

No, no punishment. But now no words, only growls and groans.

I keep one hand firm on the shaft with a little more pressure, my lips tight around the head, but now finding it harder to contain the drool in my mouth. I remove you from between my lips only momentarily to spit into my other palm, making sure the fingers are shiny and lubricated. You meet my eyes and nod.
My hands are babyish and small but the feeling as my pointer finger enters you is incredible, indescribable and you’re choking me properly now, almost fucking my throat without realising it.

Sensing your enjoyment of being used, I increase the thrusts, wrenching your head by the hair so that you take me deeper and deeper.

You only pull back once, to check my eyes are lost and my body drunk in thrall to you. To whatever you want to do.

I sense your desperation, pause just that little bit longer to remind you that your mouth is mine, then return my cock to you. I’m ready.



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