Ten. (Smutathon 2018)

Beautiful Bee’s story. Shared with permission. Written with love.

“Close your eyes and count to ten. Slowly. Then knock on the door. Can you remember that?”

She nodded and he petted her head, lovingly.
“So desperate to please, aren’t you?” and she nuzzled his hand.

“So desperate to prove herself. “

He reached down and twisted her prominent nipple between his thick, unforgiving fingers and she moaned.

“Pathetic.” He laughed as he shut the door behind him.

Naked in the centre of the landing, she brought her hands to her face and began to count out loud.


She heard the bed creak in the master bedroom.


She pictured him grabbing Lola by the hips, grinding her wet cunt against his erection, his mouth hot and forceful as he sucked her nipples.


She began to shift, conscious of the heel of her foot insinuating between the wet lips of her cunt as she knelt in the narrow carpeted space.

She heard them laughing. Laughing at her. Laughing at her dripping wetness down over herself in the public hallway where anyone could see her.

His moans began to rise from behind the door. His voice was clear as a bell and deep, rising from his chest. She loved that noise.

The windows at either end of the landing were open. She was cold; her heavy breasts dimpled and dotted with goose pimples. Her nipples were deep pink and rough against her folded arms.

She absent-mindedly began to grind her cunt against her heel. ‘No. Bad girl. Desperate sluts don’t get to come.”

The harsh buzz of the vibrator. He was using it on beautiful Lola’s body. She yelped. She squealed. She recognised the sound of Lola’s orgasm. Lola was special. Lola got to come.


She heard him call Lola’s name. Beautiful Lola. Obedient Lola. Lola who loves to fuck. Lola who does whatever he wants.

He told Lola that she was a very good girl and that he was going to come in her.

This was her cue. Our heroine stood, shaking off her pins and needles. She knocked sharply on the bedroom door.

“Come.” He barked.

Lola was in a prone position – head down with her arse in the air. He was lying on his back. His cock glimmered with the aftermath of the fuck she had not been allowed to experience.

“Clean.” he instructed her, and our heroine gladly crawls across the bedclothes to her lover’s cock but his hand is firm against her forehead.

“Lola first.” and he pushes her towards Lola’s cunt, a molten pool of heat and his cum trickling out of her.

She does as she is told.

She can be just as obedient as Lola.

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