A hop, skip and a jump

How I became that girl, I do not know. That girl with bare legs and no knickers, sidling up to him in the foyer of his hotel and murmuring “Is that a telescope in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”
He has me over the bed in seconds, all wandering fingers and thumbs in my cunt, pulling and stretching me this way and that.

Wet little hole.

“I’m on a schedule, you know. Just stick it in me.”

I alter my language; reach behind and spread my cunt with both hands. My chin presses so firmly against the mattress, it hurts.

“Use me.”

So that’s the magic phrase.

And he uses me. Eases into my slippery cunt – gently at first but his mess and my mess make his task easy.

He’s moving harder, faster, deeper now. Deep is what I need. I reach round and touch myself; touch him as he moves back and forth. Urge him to leave a fat white load inside me. I get off on the words alone. Begging him to come in me. We both do.

But tonight we don’t luxuriate in watching the creamy liquor oozing out of my thoroughly fucked folds. Tonight I slither free of the weight of his body and the pinion of his cock, smooth down my dress and tiptoe from the room.


She’s only floors away – funny how these things work out.

For her, as soon as the door is closed – complete with do not disturb sign hanging visibly – I remove my dress and stand before her with my thighs pressed tightly together.

She notes the pinks and whites of my body; its sheen of sweat and abrasions of his hair. She pinches my nipples; licks them and tastes him. She runs her thumb from behind my ear, down along my neck to my shoulder, digging her nail into the blade until she hits bone.

She pushes me back onto the bed and parts my thighs.

“Oh my. What a disgusting mess.” she admonishes, lowering her face to taste me clean.

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