The Final Straw

She stands in the conference room, defiant in spite of it all. The long list of her misdemeanours. The growing heat of the space crammed with bodies. The blinds are open and the room is filled with beautiful sunlight. She is naked, dimpled and freckled. Blushing, embarrassed. Damp between the thighs and watched by a dozen men, each one old enough to be her father.

Comeuppance, I supposed you’d call it. A year of teasing, teasing, teasing had finally caught up with her. A year of thigh skimming skirts paired with hold-ups. A month of shirts and blouses with the top three, four, five buttons undone. One day of ‘accidentally’ changing into her gym kit with the office door open, and here she is.

She turns from the wide expanse of glass and faces her audience. A dozen men, tending to their cocks. A dozen slabs and slivers of meat that thicken under her gaze. Or not.


Franks has been touching himself through his trousers all afternoon. He used to do it a lot during company meetings, cup his balls and massage the length of his cock and she would watch intently, her eyes occasionally flickering to his face. He never even tried to hide how he was enjoying his actions. No one else seemed to notice. She’d undo a couple of buttons on her blouse and let him spot the flash of white or red lace, the dark of her areola, and enjoy the widening of his eyes and audible catch in his breath.

Now he stands, stroking himself, and advances on her, leering.

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The Outside Pet

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Claudia was an engima, unknowable. Everything about her was abstract – Mister described her body in great, unending detail, but brown eyes, black hair and a smile lighting the way for years didn’t paint a clear picture in Puppy’s mind.

Until one day, when everything changed. She answered her door at 8pm that night, and he was on her doorstep.

“Run upstairs and slip into that nightie I bought you. The one a size too small that shows your tits and belly. And put make up on. Red lipstick and lots of eyeliner and mascara. You have ten minutes. No bra, no knickers.” and he stood on the doorstep, watching her scamper to the bedroom.

She looked beautiful on her return – a different beautiful to her face when she opened the door. A different beautiful to the way her lips distorted with his cock in her mouth. A different beautiful to her sleepy morning selfies.

She stood before him proudly, hands clasped behind her back. The darker skin of her nipples highlighted behind the white chiffon-y material. Her belly protruded and he couldn’t help reaching out to stroke her. She smiled wider. Mister smiled wider, too.

He smiled as he spat in his palm, reached out and smeared her hastily made-up face into a red and black halloween mask.

“Coat on; come with me.”

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