Gone to Earth

“Let’s go for a walk,” he had said.

“It’s cold.” I protested.

He looked at me evenly.


He laced me into my boots. bare legs, a summer dress that was too small. No bra. No knickers. My breasts threatened to escape. I didn’t protest further. “Go and put on your parka.” he ordered.

I was stood by the front door when he came back, dressed warmly.

“Don’t you look adorable? Let’s go.” He held out his hand and lead me out into the street, and into the car. There were grey clouds gathering in the sky.

“It’s going to rain.” I said, looking out of the window.

“That doesn’t matter.”

We drove for over an hour. Halfway through, as the roads became narrower, the scenery greener, he put his hand on my thigh and pushed the material of my skirt up to my waist, lingering briefly at my cunt.

“You’re wet.” he said approvingly.

Some minutes later, he slowed the car and parked up.

“Here we are. Time for some fresh air.”

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If you were here, Sir, and you were wearing your suit, I would kneel. I would ask you if I could have your cock. If you thought I was good, you would present your engorged cock through your flies. I would work the spit up on my tongue and lick the head first.

You’d push on the back of my head so I took more of you in my mouth. You want me to choke on you, prove that I need your cock more than air.

I’d take more, working my tongue as much as I could, one of my hands on the shaft but the other travelling between my thighs without permission because I’m so wet just at the feeling of you in my mouth, at hearing your voice

You know I’m doing it and you let me feel how wet I am before you grab my hair and make me choke more as punishment, calling me a filthy, wet slut.

I was dressed when you came in, as punishment you remove your cock from my hungry mouth and you strip me, taking off my dress, my underwear, everything until I’m naked. Before you can even continue face fucking me, you bend me over the sofa and I know what’s coming and the sting of your belt makes me yelp

Ten strokes


I deserve it

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Dahlia learns her lesson

In 2016, I participated in Emmeline’s Team Amazeballs Erotica Exchange – we gave one another a prompt, and she asked me to write something based off Rosetti’s Lady Lilith, which I knew nothing of, instead imagining her as a petulant debutante with a string of music teachers in her wake.
I hope you enjoy this not so little historical tale.

Dahlia adored her music lessons. That precious hour of the day where she was indulged with lyricism and beauty. And the presence of a tall, broad, older gentleman whom she knew her father had chosen precisely because he was almost as old as her grandfather and could not be described by even the kindest soul as handsome.

To Dahlia he was the most exciting part of her lessons. He was the reason she was allowed in the music room, un-chaperoned, for one whole hour. She exploited every single minute.

On music days she woke early but didn’t rise from her bed until almost midday. She would lie in a blissful reverie, and explore the wonders of her own body as if the territory were new to her. Her own large breasts, which came to stiff, perfect peaks. Her own flaring hips and rounded tummy with its sweet fair hair. Fair hair which curved in a path between her legs, becoming coarser and darker until it curled outwards in a shield over her cunt which seemed preternaturally wet and wanting.

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#SoSS (The return)

I’m not a great person. I’m entirely self-centred whilst being made up of around 98% self-loathing which is very confusing if you stop to think about it. I love my blogger friends, I love the breadth and skill of their writing, but sometimes find it difficult to articulate that beyond “I like this” or just retweeting it. I am shit at comments, so I am going to try and get into the regular habit of a #SoSS post to actively show people how wonderful they are.
Anyway enough about me.

Exposing40’s Fat Bottomed Girls is a delightful shot of her glorious backside

Submiss34’s Sealed for Extra Freshness tracks the story of her Vac Bed experience (and includes some photos I took), and is included because it’s such a departure from her usual photography but no less sensually compelling.

Eye’s Being Owned really spoke to me, beautifully examining the conundrum of the submissive feminist, something a lot of us can identify with.

I had avoided Hannah’s For Breaking My Heart, Thank You because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to examine rebuilding after a breakup just yet, but as ever with my beloved Hannah, this is a joyful, tearful, cathartic reading experience if you have ever had your heart broken.

Exposing40 (again!) Created a vital call to arms with The Catastrophe of Ageing, a piece I fully intend to revisit again and again to remind me that I can plow my own furrow and be myself and be as visible or as behind the scenes in the world as I wish to be. Reading this has made me excited to be a woman, to make tracks, to create space, to do anything! (And to rewrite this paragraph where I initially had described her as spirited which is about as fucking patronising as you can get.)

And last but not least, this horrifyingly excellent #EuphOff winner from Love & Lust in London. A worthy winner that made me cringe with painful delight.

Keeping Up Appearances

Note: Whilst Gwendolyn refers to Whittaker as her uncle, they are not blood relatives. This is all part of the game to them. Both are well above legal age.



The room was stifling hot, a fire that had lain dormant all day, was now purring contentedly in the grate and the heat made the smoke curling from Whittaker’s cigar hang thickly in the air. He was facing the window, his back to her, watching the late evening lovers take the air.

“Did you have a pleasant evening?” He didn’t turn around.

Gwendolyn took off her jacket and shoes. “Quite.”
“Did he try anything?”

She laughed and made her way through his tightly-packed office to the window, whose ledge was just wide enough for her to perch on.

“He was a gentleman – he was the gentleman he was paid to be.” Here she reached forward and took the cigar from his hand. She took a long drag and when he took it off her, blew languid smoke rings into the air, kicking her feet into his thigh. He caught one and held it as he smoked, her toes contained in his fist.

“You’re drunk.” he said after a while.

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10 adventures I’m going to have after Eroticon

Eroticon is an amazing conference for sex writers and creatives of all kinds, an inclusive space to learn, network, feel inspired and express gratitude for the amazing community we have found ourselves in. This year was my first experience and certainly, hopefully, won’t be my last.
I am grateful for everyone who helped me have the best weekend possible, and here are ten things I am excited for in the future, as a direct result:

A dinosaur photography adventure with Exposing40

A transgressive writing adventure after Remittance Girl’s Taboo talk

A sleepover adventure to visit Molly & Signs

A slippery adventure with my box of slube and my GOTN mug

A lunch adventure with Missy

A photography adventure using the tips from Molly’s talk

A Smuthathon adventure masterminded by Amy

A science is fun, not using them for sex adventure with Hex condoms

A Bank Holiday adventure with my bathroom comrades

A loving, caring and listening adventure with myself


Birthday Call

It’s his brother’s birthday. No gifts to exchange, but a phone call. A ritual of fraternal love which must be obeyed.

The TV is on and I’m half watching it, half idling on my phone with one hand on his thigh, proprietary. He smiles at me, and I slide over, cuddling up, my face against his shoulder as he dials.

The call connects and without a single gesture to me, he begins to unbutton his flies, easing his cock out and stroking it almost without thought. I watch, mesmerised, and here is my hand on his thigh again, creeping closer to his shuttling fingers.

I reach out to touch him as his cock hardens but he pushes my fingers away, and as he commiserates on football woes, his hand is now on my shoulder, my cheek is soft against the rigidity of his thigh, his cock is in my mouth and he’s stroking my hair as the football chat drones on above my head.

He’s hard now, I’m using my hand to guide his erection further and further into my mouth, expanding in my throat and his hand is on the back of my head, holding me in place as I begin to gasp and struggle and he takes the phone away from his mouth just long enough to whisper “Shhhhhhhh. Don’t make a sound.”

I could be naughty and use my hand and my tongue and make him moan and what a happy birthday that would be. The sound of him exhaling slowly through his nose as he gently fucks my throat is tantalising; I wonder how it sounds to the caller.

“She’s fine. She’s just relaxing at the moment.”

I do feel oddly relaxed; he’s moved his hand a little so he can fuck me harder and I can breathe through my mouth if I want to. I reach over with my free hand and wave in the general direction of the handset.

“She says Hi.”

“Habby Buthhhhday!” I enunciate with difficulty and something in my tongue forming the ‘th’ makes his hips jerk violently. I take this as permission to use the free hand on his heavy, straining balls even though it probably isn’t and the only thing I hear is the phone dropping to the floor with a hurried “Bye” before both of his hands are gripping my face, he’s using me violently now and muttering how I’m naughty and filthy and couldn’t help myself and as he comes down my throat without warning I’m so contented it might as well be my birthday and I swallow my gift down gratefully.





Fuck You [Redacted]

That there are, at this very moment, molecules of me in your atmosphere, makes me laugh.

If you reach into your handbag, sitting innocently on the passenger seat, you are within millimetres of me, of my cunt. Of the time I sat, dripping wet and writhing with anxious arousal, with my bare backside nestled neatly next to him as he drove us home. This I know, but you do not.

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Scenes of an Adult Nature

I wrote this a couple of years ago, but after reading Isabelle’s post on sex and violence, I thought I’d stick it up on my blog too. It was originally a facebook note, and written before I started blogging in earnest.
In the last week, whilst I have been trying to increase/streamline/provide evidence of my web presence as a writer, I started worrying. Yes, the book we do not speak of has made erotica – and specifically BDSM flavoured erotica – more culturally acceptable as a genre, up to a point. We read these books in public and no one bats an eyelid, even though most of them know someone is getting something eye-smartingly painful done to them within those pages at any given time. And yet, when I link my extracts of works in progress, I feel resistance within myself. For this is dirty work, in anyone’s language. This is wet and sticky and I am very proud of my words, but there is still that kernel of doubt that I am going too far.

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Bringing Home The Bacon

On Sunday morning, I am wrapped around you like a blanket, drawing a smiley face in your chest hair.
“I’m hungry.” I say. It’s 10am, at 9.30am I was spread-eagled on the sheet, your face nestled between my thighs with my fingers knotted in your hair.
“Hmmmm. I’m hungry too.”
“Bacon sandwich?”
“I ate the last of the bacon yesterday.” At 9.45am I was riding you, the mains-powered wand grinding my clit and you were using me in my favourite way as I came for a second time and you flooded my cunt.
“Hmmmm.” I frowned. “So, you’ll go and get the bacon?”
He laughed and held me tighter. “Yes, kitten – I will go and buy some bacon.”
“Good.” but as he tried to pull away and sit upright I threw my legs over his.
“But you stay here where it’s warm.”
“Ok…..” He lay back down. I bit into the flesh of his bicep.
“But where’s the bacon?”
“In the shop.”
“Ok you go and get the bacon. But also stay here.”
“Where’s the bacon?”
There was a pause.
“In the shop.”
“Ok. You go and get the bacon but also stay here where it’s warm and I can cuddle you. Ok?”
“Ok, I’ll stay here but also get out of bed and go to the shop where the bacon is and you can stay here and keep the bed warm for me and then I will come back and cook the bacon and get back into bed for the cuddles to continue. Ok?”
“But….You stay here?”
“How much do you want a bacon sandwich?”

In his defence, it was a very good bacon sandwich.