#SoSS (The return)

I’m not a great person. I’m entirely self-centred whilst being made up of around 98% self-loathing which is very confusing if you stop to think about it. I love my blogger friends, I love the breadth and skill of their writing, but sometimes find it difficult to articulate that beyond “I like this” or just retweeting it. I am shit at comments, so I am going to try and get into the regular habit of a #SoSS post to actively show people how wonderful they are.
Anyway enough about me.

Exposing40’s Fat Bottomed Girls is a delightful shot of her glorious backside

Submiss34’s Sealed for Extra Freshness tracks the story of her Vac Bed experience (and includes some photos I took), and is included because it’s such a departure from her usual photography but no less sensually compelling.

Eye’s Being Owned really spoke to me, beautifully examining the conundrum of the submissive feminist, something a lot of us can identify with.

I had avoided Hannah’s For Breaking My Heart, Thank You because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to examine rebuilding after a breakup just yet, but as ever with my beloved Hannah, this is a joyful, tearful, cathartic reading experience if you have ever had your heart broken.

Exposing40 (again!) Created a vital call to arms with The Catastrophe of Ageing, a piece I fully intend to revisit again and again to remind me that I can plow my own furrow and be myself and be as visible or as behind the scenes in the world as I wish to be. Reading this has made me excited to be a woman, to make tracks, to create space, to do anything! (And to rewrite this paragraph where I initially had described her as spirited which is about as fucking patronising as you can get.)

And last but not least, this horrifyingly excellent #EuphOff winner from Love & Lust in London. A worthy winner that made me cringe with painful delight.

Blah Blah, end of year post, Blah

It feels disingenuous to write an end of year post highlighting the authors and creators I have enjoyed this year – as when those people have become friends, confidantes and so much more over the past 12 months, it looks cliquey and insular.

But the majority of these friendships were borne through our writing – mutual interests and taste similarities. Looking at one whose work emulates everything you wish to be, or writes about engagements that had never crossed your mind, or even actively repulsed you until you took the time to read about the subject and suddenly your horizons were widened and the world looked like a much different, slightly more magical place.

So I am unashamedly a fan of the work of so many people I think I am allowed to call my friends – some of whom I am certainly afraid to ask for confirmation in case they look at me askance – which has largely facilitated our friendships/’friendships’.

Anyway, here is my year roundup, faves, whatevers:

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